Are Used Macbooks Worth It in India? (Updated 2024)

Buying a second-hand Macbook can be a viable option, especially for first-time Macbook owners restricted by their budget. But second-hand/used/pre-owned Macbooks have their share of advantages and disadvantages, and you must be aware of them to make an informed decision.

Here’s a complete guide to buying a second-hand Macbook in India to help you out.

So, Are Used Macbooks Worth It?

New Macbooks are very expensive, especially if you want a model with all the latest technology and features. Buying a used Macbook can be an excellent way to save money while still getting a quality system, provided you are a smart shopper and making a purchase from a credible seller.

What to Look for in a Used Macbook?

1. Pricing Comparison: New vs Used

When you’re thinking of buying a used MacBook, it’s important to compare its price with that of a new model. Typically, the price gap between a new MacBook and a well-maintained used one should be around 18 to 20%. However, this percentage may fluctuate, especially if the used MacBook still has an active Apple warranty.

2. Physical Condition

Before finalizing the purchase of a used MacBook, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect its physical condition. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Examine the Body and Edges
  • Inspect Screws
  • Check Screen Condition
  • Display Hinges
  • Bottom Panel Authenticity
  • Test the Microphone
  • Charging Cable Condition

By conducting a thorough inspection for physical damage, you can ensure that you’re purchasing a used MacBook in good condition, free from any major issues that could affect its performance and longevity.

3. Warranty and After-Sales Support

Some sellers offer limited warranties or support, while others may not offer any. When purchasing a used MacBook, it’s advisable to request at least a 90-day warranty from the seller. Additionally, ensure that the seller provides an invoice containing your MacBook’s unique serial number.

This warranty can give you peace of mind in case something goes wrong after you buy the MacBook and having the serial number on the invoice helps with authenticity verification.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the important aspects to check when buying a used MacBook, check out this ultimate checklist 2024 to avoid any potential risks.

Advantages of Buying a Used Macbook

Here are the advantages of buying a used Macbook.

1. Cost Effectiveness

No doubt, opting for a used MacBook can be a smart financial decision, as it often comes at a lower price compared to buying brand new and delivers almost similar value.

Whether you’re looking for a MacBook to enhance your working efficiency, or to flex among friends (LOL) without breaking your bank account, a superb quality used MacBook can be the best choice for you.

2. Availability With Desired Features

When purchasing a used macbook, you have the opportunity to discover older MacBook models that offer features no longer found in newer versions. This flexibility enables you to select a model that precisely matches your unique preferences and requirements.

For instance, the MacBook Air M1, released in November 2020, was the last model that comes with the beloved classic wedge-shaped design. Subsequent models like the Air M2 2022, have evolved to a flat design that almost resembles the MacBook Pro series.

So, If you’re someone who wants that aesthetic design with you, buying a used MacBook Air M1 model would be a sought-after choice for you.

3. Sustainability and Environment-Friendly

Investing in a used MacBook or even a certified refurbished model not only offers value but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable choices. These Macbooks, which might have otherwise been discarded, contribute to reducing our mounting levels of e-waste.

The disposal of electronic waste poses significant challenges for recycling efforts. Opting for second-hand products not only saves you money but also makes a positive impact on the environment and supports the circular economy.

Isn’t this a cause worth supporting?

Potential Risks and Drawbacks

1. Not Reliable As a New MacBook

One of the biggest cons of purchasing a used Macbook is reliability. Typically, second-hand Macbooks are less reliable compared to brand-new ones.

You can avoid most of this risk by sticking with credible sellers and avoiding local laptop repair shops. If you thoroughly check the MacBook’s condition before making the purchase decision, you’re good to go.

2. Limited Warranty Coverage

Purchasing a used MacBook may entail limited or no warranty coverage, leaving you vulnerable to potential repair costs in case of malfunctions or defects. This lack of warranty protection could result in additional expenses down the line.

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to check the seller’s credibility. They should readily provide photos of the MacBook, and its accessories, and be open to answering any questions about the device’s condition.

I recommend you strictly stay away from sellers who are not providing you with any warranty on the system. To be on the safe side, you should ask for at least 90 days of warranty from the seller in case something goes wrong after you make the purchase.

3. Possibility of Outdated Technology:

It’s worth noting that used MacBooks might come with outdated technology, limiting their compatibility with the latest software updates and applications.

This can hinder your ability to access certain features, impacting the device’s overall usability and lifespan. Therefore, it’s advisable to not buy MacBook models launched before 2019. Keeping these factors in mind can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a used MacBook.

Where to Buy Used MacBooks in India?

Now, you know what to look for in a second-hand macbook, but where do you find them? This section provides a deep insight into the used Macbook buying options in India.

1. Buying From The Owner

You can buy a used Macbook directly from the owner. However, this method requires time and patience to inspect the device, often with the help of a technician.

The only benefit you get is you can negotiate with the owner for a better price. Yet, keep in mind that purchasing from the owner may mean missing out on any warranty coverage usually provided by credible sellers.

2. Local Laptop Repair Shops

Purchasing a used MacBook from your nearest local repair shop offers convenience as you don’t have to search extensively for a seller. Usually, these shops have a variety of options readily available for you to choose from.


It’s important to be cautious about the credibility of local laptop shops. There could be instances where sellers have replaced original internal parts, which may not be immediately noticeable from the outside.

Therefore, it’s essential to carefully inspect the device and, if possible, consult a technician to ensure its authenticity and integrity before making a purchase. Otherwise, the best you can do is strictly stick with well-known sellers to avoid such potential scams.

3. Online Used Macbook Seller

Buying a used Macbook online can save you a lot of time and money. Not only they are reliable but also trustworthy and transparent.

Typically, reputable online sellers conduct thorough quality inspections of all system components, increasing the likelihood of acquiring a MacBook in excellent condition. Additionally, they facilitate EMI options for used MacBook purchases, making the whole checkout process easy for you.

4. Online Classified Platforms

You can also buy a used Macbook by going through the online classifieds. There are several online classified platforms to check out second-hand Macbooks.

The advantage of this mode of purchasing is that you can directly contact the original owner. However, the information on such platforms cannot be entirely trusted, as it may be a fake advertisement.

Final Thoughts on Buying Used Macbooks

In conclusion, purchasing a used MacBook offers several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, access to older models with desired features, and the opportunity for customization.

However, it’s essential to consider potential risks such as limited warranty coverage, uncertainty about previous usage, hidden defects, and the possibility of outdated technology.

With proper research and consideration of factors such as proper testing, warranty coverage and software support, you can make a smart investment in a Macbook that meets your requirements and saves you a lot of money.

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