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Sarransh Kumar

Sarransh Kumar

Founder & CEO

Vishal Dorge

Vishal Dorge

Co-Founder & CTO

Welcome to Lapicart, your premier destination for pre-owned Apple MacBook excellence. Born from a collective vision of making premium MacBooks accessible, Lapicart is not just a marketplace; it’s an experience.

Why Lapicart?

Every MacBook at Lapicart undergoes a rigorous 40-point testing process, a testament to our commitment to excellence. We empower users to own a premium MacBook without compromise. In a market filled with options, Lapicart emerges as a unique destination, where quality, affordability, and trust converge.


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One of the things we’re often asked is

“What is your story? How did you get started?”

Embark on our Lapicart journey, where innovation met necessity, and a pinch of humour paved the way for a unique venture. In the hustle of building other startups, we faced the quintessential challenge – capital constraints. Yet, our need for reliable, top-notch laptops, especially MacBooks, was non-negotiable.

The struggle was real. Finding quality pre-owned MacBooks felt like a quest for the holy grail. And that’s when the light bulb moment struck. Why not solve this problem for ourselves and everyone facing the same dilemma?

But, hold your horses! Before diving headfirst, we decided to take a detour, investing over six months in validating our idea. Why, you ask? Because we envisioned Lapicart as more than just a business – it was a commitment to revolutionize the MacBook experience.

Research, analysis, and loads of coffee later, we emerged with a game plan. Lapicart was born, not just as a platform, but as a solution. Our 40-point inspection process became the gold standard, ensuring every MacBook on Lapicart is superb-grade.

Oh, did we mention we’re eco-warriors too? Extending the life of premium devices – that’s our way of contributing to a greener planet.

So, here we are, not just selling MacBooks but rewriting the narrative of pre-owned technology. Join Lapicart, where our journey from startup chaos to MacBook bliss is a testament to innovation, determination, and a good dose of laughter along the way.

Our Vision:

“Lapicart envisions a future where MacBook enthusiasts find their perfect device effortlessly. We strive to be the go-to platform, providing an exclusive and unparalleled MacBook shopping experience, making advanced technology accessible to everyone.”

Our Mission:

“At Lapicart, our mission is crystal clear – to bring the epitome of cutting-edge technology to your fingertips by exclusively offering premium-quality MacBooks. We’re committed to delivering a seamless experience, ensuring you have access to the best in the world of Apple laptops.”

We believe in rewriting the narrative of pre-owned technology. Our founders, with a collective average experience of a decade, bring forth a blend of business acumen and a clear customer-focused ethos. It’s this synergy that drives Lapicart to redefine how you experience and acquire pre-owned MacBooks.

Our Approach:

Unlike typical e-commerce platforms, we transcend beyond being an aggregator. Lapicart is not just about connecting buyers and sellers. We’re about assurance, ensuring each MacBook, meticulously tested through our 40-point check, meets our stringent standards.

Quality Redefined:

Distinguished by our exclusive focus on Superb Grade MacBooks, Lapicart eliminates the clutter of multiple quality grades found in the market. We stand apart by strictly avoiding refurbished laptops, emphasizing a ‘like new’ buying experience that guarantees both quality and satisfaction.